Who are we?

The Social Issues Unit is responsible for social policy issues in university policy - these are in detail: Study financing (especially BAföG), labor law (for SHKs or WHKs and working students), studying with children, studying with mental problems or chronic diseases… The range of topics is very diverse and the list could be even longer!

The unit can set priorities, organize events, provide information material, cooperate with different organizations and people and network.

The unit also takes care of the coordination of student counseling services and supports the staff member for social counseling in this area in terms of content and organization. He/she accompanies or supervises the work of the social committee, which decides on the allocation of financial aid for foreign students and student parents.

Another important field of activity is the contact to individual departments of the university (e.g. Equal Opportunity Officer, Disability Officer) and especially to the Student Union (Social Counseling, Housing, etc.) in order to uncover problem areas and to find solutions together with the goal of preventing or counteracting disadvantages. The advisor is the contact person for the students for social issues of various kinds and acts as a mediator.

Representative for student employees

→ Mila Kränkel, beschaeftigung@stura.uni-leipzig.de

One of the tasks of the representative is to look for labor law grievances among student assistants throughout the university, to analyze them and, in case of emergency, to take further steps together with the employees. In close cooperation with you and the SHKs at all faculties, she would like to declare war on precarious working conditions at the University of Leipzig.