What does the unit do?

As the commissioner for the FSR Communication Unit, I would like to connect the various student councils of the university with each other and with the StuRa units. Problems, questions, criticism, suggestions or initiatives from the student councils I bring to the team of speakers and the StuRa and also give various impulses to improve the work of the FSRä.

My focus is on practical projects such as the establishment of a common calendar of events or the FSR equipment list. In order to best understand the concerns of the FSRä, I attach great importance to personal contact and visit them at their meetings.

I also organize FSR networking meetings, beginner seminars for FSR newbies, and technology briefings, and act as a liaison at the Collective Festival between FSRä and the Collective Committee. The plenary dinner is also coordinated and supported by me.

I support the FSRä with university-political or organizational questions and am available as a general StuRa contact person.

A few cornerstones of the work in this department:

  • FSR networking meetings
  • Bringing university-political topics to the FSRä
  • Mediator (in case of misunderstandings) between FSRä, the StuRa or general students
  • Administration of the inventory list of the FSRä
  • Guide for FSR work
  • Attendance of the meetings of the student councils
  • Support of the FSRä at events. Clarification of organizational questions.
  • Support of the FSRs in the preparation and follow-up of the plenum (dinner).
  • FSR contact person at KOLLEKTIV - The Festival
  • Introductory seminar for FSR newcomers

Inventory Lists

Dear FSRä,

Under the following links you will find the inventory lists

  • of the StuRa, (in progress)
  • and the FSRä.

The documents are secured with the same password as the plenum invitations.

If you have problems contacting the FSRä or similar, please contact me.

If you find that items of your FSR are missing, not up to date or the conditions have changed, just write me an email.